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About the AEO

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Ancient Egypt Online is an organization that is dedicated to covering the information relevant to the study of ancient Egypt. Although the AEO focuses on the study of the pharaonic period, we welcome articles and news covering a wide variety of topics. By including Near Eastern topics & events as well, the AEO hopes that this website will foster positive relations for collaborative research in addition to being a place where non-specialists can get reliable information about the history of the ancient Near East.

So, you’re probably thinking, “why does egyptology/near eastern studies need another website?”. The answer is simple; although many attempts have been made to make the history of ancient Egypt availiable to researchers and the public, a lot of websites fail miserably in terms of usability and reliable, current information. The AEO hopes to address these issues by the inclusion of two main audiences: the interested reader and the academic researcher. By utilizing a team of Egyptologists and Near Eastern scholars, we provide information that is current and accurate.