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Notable Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt

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In this section, we can explore the lives of notable pharaohs of pharaonic Egypt.  If you do not see a particular profile on a pharaoh, please use the contact page to make a request.

  • Old Kingdom
  • Early 18th Dyn.
  • Late 18th Dyn.
  • 19th Dyn.
bentpyramid-thumbSneferu – 4th Dynasty, 2613-2589
Sneferu was the first king of the Fourth Dynasty, and the successor of Huni. Their exact relationship is not clear: Sneferu may have been Huni’s son…
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khufu-boat-smallKhufu – 4th Dynasty, 2589-2566 BCE
Khufu, sometimes referred to by the Greek form of his name Cheops, was the son of Sneferu and his wife Hetepheres. His full name was Khnum-Khufu, literally meaning…
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hat-bahri-smallHatshepsut – 18th Dynasty, 1473-1458 BCE

Hatshepsut was the daughter of Tuthmosis I (1504-1492BC) and Queen Ahmose-Nefertari, and she married her half-brother Tuthmosis II (1492-1479BC). She had a daughter with her husband Tuthmosis, Neferure, though she is most famous for her period of co-regency with her stepson…

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thut3-smallThutmose III – 18th Dynasty, 1479-1425 BCE

Tuthmosis Men-Kheper-Re, the 6th pharaoh of Dynasty 18, was the son of Tuthmosis II and a minor wife, Isis. He is famous for his role as the co-regent of his step-mother, the dowager queen Hatshepsut, following the death of his father. Hatshepsut assumed the role…

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amenhotep2-smallAmenhotep II – 18th Dynasty, 1427-1400 BCE

Amenhotep II Aakherperure was a son of Tuthmosis III and Queen Meritra-Hatshepsut, and father and son reigned together in a co-regency of two years before the death of Tuthmosis III in 1425BC. Judging from the surviving depictions in relief of Amenhotep, such as the images on stelae from Giza…

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thut4-smallThutmose IV – 18th Dynasty, 1400-1390 BCE

Tuthmosis IV was the son of Amenhotep II and Queen Tiaa, and the father of Amenhotep III. His name means “Everlasting are the Manifestations of Re’, and relatively little is known about details of his reign compared to other New Kingdom pharaohs. What is known is that…

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amen3-colossi-smallAmenhotep III – 18th Dynasty, 1390-1352 BCE

Amenhotep Nebma’atre was the son of Tuthmosis IV and the Royal Wife Mutemwia, and he inherited the throne of Egypt during a time of great prosperity. The reign of Amenhotep III is marked by an artistic revival and what was the greatest and most extensive building programme before that of Ramesses II during the…

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akhenaten-smallAkhenaten – 18th Dynasty, 1352-1336 BCE

The reign of the enigmatic pharaoh Akhenaten, born Amenhotep IV, marks a period of rapid development in the arts and religion, known also as the ‘Amarna Period’. Amenhotep IV was the son of Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye, and he inherited the throne from his father following a possible co-regency period.  The first year of Amenhotep IV’s reign was dedicated to the establishment of a new temple…

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tut-smallTutankhamun – 18th Dynasty, 1336–1327 BCE

Tutankhamun is known to have inherited the throne of Egypt immediately after Akhenaten at the age of 8 or 9. Though Tutankhamun’s parentage is still a matter of some dispute, it is now widely recognized that he was the son of Akhenaten and a minor wife, Kiya, and that he was born as Tutankhaten at Amarna during the reign of his father. He is known to have married…

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ay-smallAy – 18th Dynasty, 1327-1323 BCE

Ay was an important official during the reign of Akhenaten, and he became pharaoh following the short reign of Tutankhamun (1336-1327BC). Ay has been described as the power behind the reign of the boy-king Tutankhamun, together with the general Horemheb. He came…

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ram1-small Ramesses I – 19th Dynasty, 1295-1293 BCE

The background of Ramesses I has been equated with the nobleman, Paramesses (who is often equated with the name Ramose), who rose from military service as a General to vizier under the reign of Horemheb (1323-1295 BCE) and his family appears to have come from…

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sety1-smallSety I – 19th Dynasty, 1294-1279 BCE

Seti I Menmaatra was the second pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty, the son of Ramesses I and his wife, Sitre. There is slight evidence to suggest that Sety I was a son of the general & vizier, Paramessu, before Horemheb elevated him to the throne. As such, there seems…

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