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Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions


Ancient Egypt Online (‘AEO’) is a website dedicated to the study of ancient Egypt and the ancient Near East. All images, applications and content is copyrighted material (except for book jacket covers in the book reviews section) and may not be reproduced for commercial purposes. If you are interested in printing either content and images for commercial use, you must obtain permission from the webmaster. You can contact the Webmaster via the Contact Page.

That withstanding, uses for educational or research purposes (such as presentations, activities, etc.) is fully permitted. For this use, the AEO asks that it be accredited for its work in a reference format with it’s website address included.

Submission of Articles and Book Reviews

All submission of articles and book reviews remain the property of the AEO. These articles and book reviews may not be reproduced without either the AEO’s or the original author’s consent. In the case where the author has requested a retraction of an article, it will be reviewed by the AEO and decision made upon the request. All articles and book reviews will be accredited to the original author and their views as such.  All views expressed in articles and book reviews are those of the author and the AEO shall not remain liable. In case of a dispute, please contact the webmaster for resolution.

For more information regarding terms and conditions, please contact the AEO.